What Is Tourette Syndrome??

Uncontrolled muscle activity, making voice from throat or neck, it these things happens repeatedly then it can be the symptoms of the tourette syndrome.
In the upcoming days, a movie is about to release that is based upon this concept. Many people are unaware of this disease because the symptoms of this disease often seem as habits. This syndrome is found in the age of 2 to 14 yrs that is last for whole life. There is not a chance to cure this disease or syndrome completely but it can be controlled. parents should mind on the way of walking, standing, speaking of the child and if they find any unusual during these activities then they should consult with the doctor immediately.

What is Tourette syndrome-

It is a neuropsychiatric disorder, in which the nervous system does not work properly that is results in the uncontrolled activities and voice. Repeating the words, shaking hands, sniffing all the time and making unusual sounds that are called nervous ticks. These activities are not in control of the person that's why these types of activities happen repeatedly, torrent syndrome does not mental intelligence but it can be the reason of other mental disorders like attention deficient, hyperactive disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The person that is suffering from a type of disorder can find difficult to focus on work.

What should we add in our diet-

Magnesium - It is helpful to control the central nervous system and the muscle activity also it decreases the ticks.

Vitamin B- Vit B promotes the activity of the nervous system as well as it is healthy for skin and hair. It helps to fight with free radicals, control the mood and fight with stress also it helps to cure depression and anxiety.

Omega 3 Fatty acids- Omega 3 fatty acid is very important in the fight with ticks. It is also helpful in the brain and heart disease.

Vitamin D- It also plays an important role in muscle health, nervous system and depression. According to a study, there is a very deep relation between depression and vitamin D.

Available cures- 

Tick therapy- Focus on the medicine with tick therapy, psychologist and counselors can help in this work, in this therapy, training of habit reversal also given so that patient can feel that tick has to have come and (s)he can control it.

Exercise- A study that is published in the behaviors modification general it is suggested that aerobic exercise can control the ticks, daily exercise also affects the mood and anxiety.

Busy yourself in the activities-

Experts state, if the children and teenagers make themselves busy in the activities then the possibility of ticks can be decreased, they can control the mental and physical energy on the sports, exercise, and hobby as well as they should do creative activities.

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