Light Your Brain With Brain Exercise!!


Brain Exercises to Relieve Tension-

If you want to get relief from the depression and other mental problems then do the exercise, Not only a normal exercise fit your body and brain but also the brain exercise can increase your focus also.

Give your 10 minutes and be healthy-
Not only for the body but your brain also needs exercise to remain it fit. It affects you to focus on and analyzing power both. This is the recent study of the University of Canada. It states that aerobic exercise for 10 minutes make fit the parts of the brain those are helpful in focus.

Relief from Tension-
Many exercises like deep breathing, Meditation, Yoga and other exercises can relief you from the tension. As well as complete sleep also important for the fitness of the brain.
At last "Give some time to yourself".

Cardiovascular exercise is best for mental fitness. It helps to increase brain cells. Strategy games, Puzzles, Cross-word, and other brain games are helpful for the left part of the brain. But you should play different games from time to time because these type of games can be addictive that is not good.

Thyroid problem-
Mostly the Thyroid problem is seen in the females. According to data eight out of ten females are suffering from the thyroid problems.
The common symptoms of thyroid are Tension, depression, Have not proper sleep, Cholesterol, osteoporosis, Infertility, abnormal periods, fast heartbeat.
So it is very important to identify its symptoms and prevent it to increase.


Indigestion and lack of lubrication in the large intestine are the main reason for constipation.

In thyroid, immunity to diseases also decreases that leads to other infections.

Depression and lack of energy-
Always feeling a lack of energy that leads to the laziness. Other than that depression is also the main reason for the thyroid.

Pain in joints-
In this condition, the patient feels pain in joints and muscles.

family history-
If any member of the family has the problem of thyroid then another person might be affected by the thyroid.

Work of Thyroid gland-
The thyroid gland is situated in the neck region that secretes the Thyroxine hormone. Thyroxine hormone maintains metabolism. Due to some reasons when the secretion of thyroid hormone imbalanced then it causes the problem in the function of the normal physiology of the body.

It can be very serious if the treatment is not started in the early stage of Thyroid and the patient has to take the medicines for the whole life. When the thyroid problem increases so far then the best way is to the removal of the thyroid gland.
To prevent this, do exercises, eat fruits and seasonal vegetables.

The seriousness of disease-
if patients do not get the treatment on time then it can result in memory loss, Depression, Increase in weight and Infertility.

The blood test is there for the diagnosis of the thyroid.  

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