Sports injury prevention


What is the sports injury-
The injury that happens during exercise, sports activity or while the daily routine in the joints and nearby muscles is called sports injury. It happens generally due to not do the warmup before exercise.

Where does the Sports Injury happen-
Walking fast, in the knee while running, in elbow and shoulder while playing the game like badminton, tennis and cricket also it does happen near the joints, muscles, ligaments, and cushions.

How much time it takes to recover the injury-
It all depends that how big is an injury. If it needs surgery to be cured then it will take almost 6 to 9 months to be recovered, a normal injury will take the 4 to 6 weeks to be recovered, prefer the cold water over hot water to treat the injury as the cold water will prevent the blood circulation while the hot water will cause more inflammation that can be painful.

Precautions to not have sports injury-
Do not start your workout without a short warmup. Warmup prepares your body to do hard work before exercise. Take the help of a certified fitness trainer. Do the stretching of muscles to make able the body for exercise and sports.
Do the type of exercise that strengthen the muscles.
Eat the protein-rich food that strengthens the muscles.

Some information about the joints-
Ligaments- It attaches two bones and make them flexible, these are of four types- Two are in the knee and the other two are at outer part.
Cushion- To protect the knees there are two cushions. It protects our knees while jumping and running from the jerk.
Tendons- It attaches the muscles from bones, also it protects the joints.
Diagnosis of sports injury-
For bones,  X-ray is used to examine while for ligaments sonography and MRI prescribed 

The Five question that must be answered-
How long should we do warmup-
Before playing any type of game, You should do a warmup for 15 to 20 minutes. a proper Warmup will increase your body temperature a little bit that will increase the flexibility of the body. You can do stretch-out, jogging and light exercise in the form of warmup.

What precautions should we have while playing any sport-
Using specific muscles for a long time or let not rest it properly will cause the sports injury, this can cause regular inflammation and pain in that particular ligaments or muscles. We should do warm-up after exercise also.

Which type of diet should we have to before and after the diet-
You should take a light diet before the exercises that give you quick energy, you can have dry fruits or the food that is light to digest. It is must to have a balanced diet full of protein after the half hour of exercise.

Why some injuries do pain in a particular whether-
You should use the cold water to massage the injury, if there is stiffness in injury then you can use the hot water. finally, you should consult with a doctor.

How an old age person can do exercises-
It needs fitness, that does not come in one day and only with a good diet. To get a good fitness you should do daily yoga and exercises. Maintain your weight and take the diet with the daily time table.

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