What are the Important scientists names which can come in NEET (2019) I Class 11th and 12th

Hey fellows, How are you doing!! In this blog-post, I am writing about the important names of scientists chapter-wise as some students requested for this!

CLASS -  11th
Chapter -1
The Living World
[1] Carolus Linnaeus - Give binomial nomenclature

[2] Julian Huxley-  Neo systematics

[3] Benthem and Hooker - Natural classification

Chapter -2
Biological Classification
[1] Aristotle - He was the earliest to attempt the scientific aspect of classification.

[2] Linnaeus - Two kingdom classification

[3] R.H. Whittaker - Proposed the five kingdom classification [1969]

[4] Pasteur D.J. Ivanowsky -(1892)  Venom (virus name given).

[5] M.W. Beijerineck (1898) -  Demonstrated that the extract of the infected plants of tobacco could cause infection in healthy plants as contagium vivum fluidum . 

[6] W.M. Stanley - (1935) Viruses could be crystallised and crystals consist largely of proteins.

[7] T.O. Diener - (1971) Discovered a new infectious agent that was smaller than viruses and caused potato spindle tuber disease.

Plant Kingdom
[1] Linnaeus - Artificial classification

[2] Benthem and hooker-  Natural classification

Cell: The Unit Of Life
[1] Matthias Schleiden - (1838) - 

  • Examined a large number of plants and observed that all plants are composed of different kinds of cells which form the tissue of the plant.

[2]Schwann - (1839)

  •  Studied different types of animal cells and reported that cells have a thin outer layer which is today known as the plasma membrane.

[3] Rudolf Virchow (1855) - 

  • Explained hat cells divided and new cells are formed from pre-existing cells. (Omnis cellula -e-cellula)

[4] Singer and Nicolson- (1972) 

  • Structure of the cell membrane was proposed that is Widely accepted as a fluid mosaic model

[5] Robert Brown - 

  • First described Nucleus as cell organelle.

[6] Flemming -

  •  Given  the name Chromatin

CLASS - 12th


[1] William Harvey 

  •  Discovery of blood circulation and thermometer

Chapter -9
Food Production

[1] Norman E. Borlaug [1963] 

  • Discovered Sonalika and Kalyan Sona.

Microbes in Human Welfare

[1] Flemming, Chain, and Florey [1945]

  • Awarded Nobel prize for the discovery of penicillin


[1] Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer [1972]

  • Isolate the antibiotic resistance gene.


[1] Robert Constanza 

  • Given the average price tag of US dollar 33 trillion.

Biodiversity and conservation

[1] Edward Wilson 

  • Describe combined diversity at all the levels of biological organization.

[2] Robert May

  • Global species diversity [1.5 million]

[3] Alexander Von Humbolt 

  • Gave the Species-Area Relationships.

[4] David Tilman 

  • Increased diversity means more productivity.

[5] Paul Enrich 
  • The rivet popper hypothesis

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