What are the Important names of Scientists which can come in NEET, Class- 11th For NEET 2019

Mineral Nutrition

[1] Julius von Sachs {1860} - 

  • Demonstrated for the first time that plants could be grown to maturity in a defined nutrient solution in the complete absence of the soil.

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
[1] Joseph Priestley {1770} - 

  • Performed a series of experiments that revealed the essential role of air in the growth of green plants.

[2] Jan Ingenhousz {1730-1799} - 

  • Showed that sunlight is essential to the plant process.

[3] Julian von Sachs {1854} - 

  • Provided evidence for the production of glucose when plants grow.

[4] T.W. Engelmann {1843-1909} - 

  • Split light into its spectral components and then illuminated a green alga.

[5] Cornelius van Niel {1897-1985}- 
  • Demonstrated that photosynthesis is essentially a light-dependent reaction in which hydrogen form a suitable oxidizable compound reduces carbon dioxide to carbohydrates.

Respiration in Plants
[1] Gustav Embden, Otto Meyerhof, J. Parnas - 

  • The scheme of glycolysis was given by these scientists.
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Plant Growth and Development
[1] Charles Darwin and Francis Darwin - 

  • They observed that the coleoptiles of canary grass responded to unilateral illumination by growing towards the light source(Phototropism)

[2] F.W. Went - Isolate the Auxin.

[3] E. Kurusawa - Discovered the gibberellic acid.

[4] F. Skoog and co-workers - Discovered Cytokinin.

[5] Cousins - Discover Ethylene.

Chapter- 16
Digestion and Absorption

[1] Alfonso Corti - Discover the organ of Corti

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