How to increase concentration and memory power!!

Students who want better result, work hard all year long and prepare every part of course very clearly and wisely but as the exams come near they feel some lake in focus and memory power, often they realize that preparation is not complete or whatever, this can cause tension sometimes, however it is not applicable for every student as some students handle these type of situations very well and top the exam.
So let's talk about how we can remain stable our focus and memory power in even in the exams-
[1] Way of study

  • If you write or whisper the words in your mind while revising or reading a chapter then it will be the better fit in your mind than only reading it simply as it increases your focus.

[2] Revision-

  • When you read a chapter or notes for the first time, it remains as short term memory in your mind on the other hand if you revise it time to time then it will convert from short term memory to long term memory, (biology students can understand this).So revise every chapter or notes from time to time.


  • You know, it is exam time and you have to finish all the course in a time limit as well as score well in your exam but you have to mind that our brain can concentrate for only 45 to 50 minutes on a particular topic after that your brain will start thinking about things, So it is good that give some time to entertainment after every 45 minutes, For entertainment purpose, you can do everything you like to do, for example- Drawing, Singing, Listing songs, Play some game etc.
  • Believe me, you will see the better result, don't worry about the exam very much, I am  sure you will clear it easily :)

[4] Positive thoughts-

  • Keep patience on your emotions, think positively as only happens what you think, In the exam hall read the paper with cool mind if you do not get a question correctly then read it once again and take a deep breath, I am sure if you read that concept honestly once then it will definitely recall you, try to finish the paper in time limit actually it need practice. To finish the paper in time limit you can use mock test it will help you a lot.

How to come over tiredness and tension-
Sleep helps a lot and work as nutrition to our brain and build our mental health better. you feel very fresh after taking the 7-8 hours of sleep. Incomplete or we can say less sleep causes bad effect on our mental health that results into tiredness, heaviness, and lack of interest to do work on the other hand if you take good sleep then you will feel more energetic all the day long. Diabetes and heart patient should also walk for 30 to 45 minutes a day.

Exercise increases the energy level by up to 20 % in our body. Aerobics and cycling help to deliver more oxygen to our body tissue and cells that work as healing in blood pressure (High or low), strength your lungs and keep away the tension.

IF you are suffering from tension then mushroom can help you to come over this, it helps them to restart the brain movement, this research published in the scientific reports magazine, London. In that research, it is found out that the activity of a particular part of the brain is affected by the people who are suffering from tension. Psilocybin that found in mushroom can cure this as the patients who were taking mushroom in their diet show fewer symptoms of the disease.

Mushroom has mainly the antibiotic elements that are beneficial for the brain and increase immunity. It has also the anti-aging element, calcium, and vitamin -D that are also good for our health as they have their own benefits for our body.

To increase focus or concentration-

Cashew is very much capable to increase the focus. According to a research paper of California University in which 26 thousand American youngsters were included it is found out that Cashew increase focus and memory as well as it decreases the tension symptoms up to 26%, on the other hand, the people who do not consume Cashew in their diet does not show any better improvement against these diseases.

Cashew can reduce the fear of cancer, heart disease also reduce the cholesterol level in our body that's how it prevents us from heart disease.

It contains the omega 3 fatty acid that is very important for our body as these type of fatty acids which are called mono-saturated fatty acids increases focus and memory power also helps to digest the fiber.
Fun fact:- It is of the same shape as our brain.

Other diets- Here is some other things that can help you to gain better memory and focus
Almond, Tomato, Green tea, Fruits and a balanced diet can also help in this process.

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