How does cancer start!!


Our body is made up of many cells. sometimes these cells start to grow very fast that results in the formation of a tumor that is called cancer. 

In males, lung cancer, oral cancer, colon, and stomach cancer are quite often while in female cervical, breast and gall bladder and intestinal cancer are quite often.

Type of cancer-
[1] Oral cancer- blood from the mouth, the formation of tumor in the mouth, the problem in swallowing and formation of ulsar for a long time can be the symptoms of oral cancer.

[2] Lung cancer- Blood in the mucus, the problem in breathing, chest in pain and loss of weight without any reason can be the reason the of Lung cancer.

[3] Colon cancer- Constipation from a long time, feel always full of stomach and blood in fecal matter can be the reason for the colon cancer.
Smoking, eating junk and red meat increases the danger of colon of cancer.

[4] Prostate cancer- This is caused by the papillomavirus, this is generally found in males that affects the prostate gland and urinary system. blood and semen in urine, pain in the lower part of the back. It happens after the age of 50 years.

[5] Brain cancer- Inflammation of throat, red and white spots in mouth, bad smell from the mouth for a long time can be the reason for brain cancer.

[6] Breast cancer- It generally happens in females, Tumor near the breast, change in the shape of the breast. It happens after 40 years of age.

[7] Blood cancer (Leukemia) - It is the type of blood and bone marrow cancer, the bone marrow produces immature cells in the blood.

[8] Bone cancer- It is generally found in children, Inflammation in bones, redness in skin and weight loss can be the reason of Brain cancer.

Cancer Diagnosis- 

[1] Pap smear test- This process is for the diagnosis of cervical cancer, some cells of the cervical region used for this process.

[2]M R I - This is for the diagnosis of brain and bone cancer that gives accurate results. 

[3] CBC - It called a complete blood count test and is used for blood cancer.

[4] Symptomatic test- To diagnose genetical cancer, this process is used.

Available cures -
In Ayurveda - The prevention and cure of cancer are possible in Ayurveda, the patient must not eat the spicy and acidic diet, only boiled food must be taken as food.
only serve the food full of nutrition and easily digestible.

In Homeopathic - In this type of treatment, medicine is given according to the stage of cancer, in the first and second stage, the patient has to take the medicines for 3 years continuous and in later stages palliative treatment last for whole life.

In Allopathy-
These five type of therapy available to cure the patient-
 [1] Targeted therapy
 [2] Organ function preservation 
 [3] Proton therapy
 [4] Robotic surgery
 [5] Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy.

Support a cancer patient-
Educate the patient that cure is possible of cancer, do not discuss any problem in the family in front of the patient, give them the example of a former cancer patient who has been successfully fought to cancer, this will give positive thoughts and vibes to the patients.

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