Good Post Food Habits and Aticats!!

Good Post Food HAbits and Food Aticats
We often prefer having coffee/ tea, going to sleep and smoking after the lunch and dinner but these habits can cause many harms, So let's know about the habits that people usually do after lunch or dinner-

Having coffee or Tea-
Having coffee or tea just after the lunch or dinner is not a good habit, you should avoid this as the tea contain the chemicals like polyphenols and tannins that destroy the nutritional element of food while coffee contains the caffeine that destroys the iron of food. This habit is very dangerous for the patients of anemia.
In case you like to have tea or coffee after the food then you should take these beverages after one or two hours that allow the body to absorb the important nutrients of food.

Smoking is harmful to the health in all the ways instead of it smoking only just one time after lunch or dinner is equal to smoking 10 times as after having food the blood circulation of body increases to digest the food, meanwhile if you do smoke then the chemicals like nicotine and toxins which are present in the cigarette will mix in the blood very fast and affect your digestion.

Eating fruits-
People often eat fruits after just finish the food, in case of that they do not find any sweet material but it is not beneficial for the body to have fruits just after the lunch or dinner as it cause more pressure on the stomach while the previous food is digesting. this habit can cause indigestion, the fullness of stomach and acidity.

Go to Sleep-
It's not good to go to sleep just after having food. This can cause indigestion and convert the maximum part of the diet in fat that results in increased weight and the bad digestion can cause the intestinal infection also.

Go to walk-
Walking is good for health but just after the food can be harmful to health, this can slow the digestion and prevent to absorb the nutrition in the body so it is good to go for a walk after thirty or 60 minutes after having food.

Food Aticats-
The stomach related problems are increasing nowadays, mostly the patients are experiencing the problem of stomach fullness, indigestion, constipation, and gas.
these problems should be treated on time as these can be the reason for the other diseases. first of all your time table as well as the diet should be proper. for example, the breakfast should not be heavy, take lunch in parts and have the food less than the appetite at night. do not talk while having food as this can cause the problem of burping.

let's know about the reason and treatment of digestive problems-

Hepatitis- Inflammation in the liver can be the reason for hepatitis, it increases the danger of chronic or acute hepatitis. the main reason behind this is having polluted water, blood, and unprotected sex. for the precaution you should mind the cleanliness and chew the food properly.

Gas problem- Feeling heaviness in the middle of the stomach is called dysplasia, the patient experiences increasing weight, blockage in the intestine or the slow movement of the intestine. for the precaution you should have light food in the dinner and go for a short walk after the 15 to 30 minutes, you should avoid the spicy food.

Intestinal obstruction- Gas and problem in purging are the symptoms of this disease, the patients used to vomit that has color green or yellow. this is often seen in cancer patients while radiotherapy.

Heart burn-Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease is the main reason behind the heartburn, food, and water both come in the mouth from the stomach in this disease. for the precaution you should avoid tea, coffee, sweets, cold drinks, and chocolates, eating different types of food at a time can also cause this disease.

Keep away from these things-
Spicy and fried food, junk food and cigarette and beer, these things cause the hotness in the stomach that causes the infection in the stomach.  

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