Diet Plan Of Working Personality !!


Often the women remain busy in the work of home and job that's why their diet plan messed up and the lack of nutrition results into the decrease in the resistivity for disease so that they can suffer from any type of disease. 
Also, there is a point that some of them do not consume more food as they have a fear of an increase in weight. So it is must to have a balanced diet that gives the body proper nutrition.
So what type of things a working woman should take-

Grains have many types of nutrients like fiber, minerals, vitamins, protein, and calcium. the whole grain is more beneficial than cereals as it has more nutrients. whole grain gives more energy to the body and remains it active as well as it also helps a nonworking woman to balance their weight. you can take brown rice, wheat, and Barley.

Seasonal fruits-
It is good for both working and non- working woman. It gives vitamins, calcium, and fiber to the body in a proper amount as well as it increases the resistivity for disease and lowers the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. In the winters you can add carrot, Beetroot, and Radish, etc.

Green Vegetables- 
You should have at least two green vegetables in your diet. it includes nutrients like potassium, vitamins, and fibers.

Dairy products-
It is must for a working woman, milk it is an extremely good food instead of it you can add chacch, curd, and paneer, but in the season of winter please avoid the curd and chaach, drink water as the water removes all the toxic elements from the body that cure the skin disease.

What should be your diet plan-
Breakfast- A working woman must not skip breakfast as the body need the energy to do work the whole day. You can have milk, cornflakes, and sandwich, etc in the breakfast, if you are in a hurry then you can have fruits like apple, papaya, and pomegranate. having a cup of milk with dry fruits is also a good option.

A working woman should have vegetables, dal, chapati and salads in the lunch, in the summer you can also add curd and chaach. you can have broccoli and palak in the green vegetables.

Evening snakes-
In the evening you can have fruits and sprouts.

You should do dinner before the two hours of sleep. Do not consume the very much oily things, for example, you can take chapati and simple veg, this will give you energy as well as your digestion will be proper. walk for 20 minutes daily and make it a part of your routine, following this type of routine will help you to keep fit and healthy as well as you can do your all responsibilities in a better way.

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