Leaked question papers in 2019??

This post is very important for the all students who are in CBSE class 12th . CBSE headquarters released some news that some fake websites are showing, this or that paper has been leaked that's why the students are misguiding , these students solve the same paper that are on fake websites but those question does not come in exams as obviously paper did not leak.

Means this fake news is in trending and spread so much.that's why the students only solve the particular fake paper and they got nothing, so don't trust on fake news.

 If students around you were also saying the same thing that question paper has been leaked or will be leaked and you left your study and only waiting for that paper then don't do this at all, do your preparation and believe on it if you know every concept clearly then there is not any effect on you of paper leak or whatever.

CBSE is very strict for these type of matters especially this year as the last year many papers got leak, you can check the twitter handle of CBSE-
,https://twitter.com/cbseindia29?lang=en they clearly mention that some websites ongoing a fake news on the social media that exam paper has been leaked.

So mine suggestion for every student and parents that only focus the things that you have been studied all year also i will request to the parents about this matter that do not be possessive about the leaked papers, this is total fake news that can destroy the year of innocent student.

Social media also have a bad side, It can show some negative impact also, this is one of the example.

So again my request to all students that don't trust on these type of websites and social media handles, only focus and trust on your study and hard work that you done all year. CBSE does not give any chance this year to be leak any paper.

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