Who I am and why i am blogging?


 Hi everyone, This is Keshav from India. I am writing the first post for my blog that is about me as I thought it would be better that the world know about me in a separate post rather than they have to go my 'About' page.

 This is not my first blog actually, I have made two more blogs before but this 
 one is specifically for the students who are facing problems in their studies.
 Basically, i was a medical aspirant who worked hard to get a seat or we can say selection in a good government medical college but God wants me to do help and the others who are in a difficult phase and working hard but results are always none for them.

There could be a lack in the person or the conditions from they are going through, now nothing to worry about as i will help every person who is facing problems during the studies.

Why would someone come to my blog?
Trust me, problems that you are facing have a perfect solution as i have also   experienced them and i am pretty sure that i will give you that solution, so   come to my blog tell me about your problems.

I will write to!
would write the blog posts for NEET and CBSE students and for the regular vacancies so you can get the regular updates for new upcoming jobs also I will point the topics of health or to stay fit during studies as trust me if you are weak and not mentally prepare for the whole year then the upcoming results will be horrible, Health should be the first priority of every person to achieve anything big in life, Life gives you one chance to prove yourself!!
It also includes-

  • How can you get good marks?
  • Which topics are more important?
  • How many hours you should study?
  • Short and simple form of tough examples of gk, chemistry and biology
  • Many more.

At all i am here for you guys so do comment in the comment section below that what do you basically want to know , it will help me to delivers good and worthy stuff.



  1. Can you please send all formulas for physics

    1. Yes buddy , I will publish all the formulas of physics.
      Just need some time.

  2. Can you please send chapterwise formulas for physics