What are the important scientists name which can come in NEET (2019), Class 12th

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Important scientists Names

The principle of inheritance and variation

[1] Gregor Mendel 

  • Conducted hybridisation experiments on garden peas (1856-1863)
  • Proposed the law of inheritance.
[2] Hugo de Vries, Correns and Von Tschermak {1900}

  • Rediscovered Mendel's results on the inheritance of characters
[3] Walter Sutton and Theodore Boveri

  • Noted the behavior of chromosomes was parallel to the behavior of genes and used chromosomes movement to explain Mendel's law.
  • Proposed the chromosomal theory of inheritance.
[4] Thomas Hunt Morgan

  • Given the experimental proof of the chromosomal theory of inheritance.
  • Discovered the linkage in Drosophila
[5] Alfred Sturtevant

  • Used the frequency of recombination between gene pairs on the same chromosomes and mapped their position on chromosomes. 
[6] Reginald C. Punnett {British Geneticist}

  • Develop the Punnett square.
[7] Langdon Down {1866}

  • First Described the Down's syndrome
 [8] Henking (1891) - 
  •  Henking discovered the X body and also named it as X body.
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Molecular Basis Of Inheritance

[1] Friedrich Meischer {1869}

  •  Discovered the DNA.

[2] Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin
  • Produce X-Ray diffraction data of DNA.
[3] James Watson and Francis Crick
  • Based on the data (X-Ray diffraction pattern) proposed the double helix model for the structure of DNA.
[4] Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, Maclyn McCarty {1933-1944}
  • Worked to determine the biochemical nature of transforming principle.
[5] Fredrick Griffith {1928}
  • Transforming principle [ S and R starin]
[6] Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase {1952}
  • Confirmed that the DNA is the genetic material. 

[7] Mathew Meselson and Franklin Stahl {1958}

  • Confirmed that DNA is semi-conservative.

[8] Francis Jacob and Jacque Monod 

  • Discovered the Lac-Operon
[9] Frederick Sanger 

  • Discovered the automated DNA sequencer
  • Discovered the automated amino-acid sequencer in protein
[10] Alec Jeffreys 

  • Discovered the technique of DNA fingerprinting.


[1] Miler [1953]

  • Represents the Miler's experiment.
[2] Oparine and Haldane 

  • proposed the first form of life could have come from pre-existing non-living organic molecules.
[3] Charles Darwin 

  • Traveled in H.M.S. Beagle for some yrs and gave the theory of Evolution.
[4] Alfred Wallace 

  • Traveled in the Malay Archipelago and gave the same conclusions as Charles Darwin.
[5] Lamarck 

  • Given the theory of use and disuse of organs.
[6] Thomas Malthus 

  • His work influence Charles Darwin.
[7] Hugo de Vries

  • Work on evening primrose and gave the word 'Saltation'.
[8] Hardy-Weinberg principle

  • This principle says that allele frequencies in a population are stable and constant from generation to generation.

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    Please note:- Henking (1891) - chapter 5 . Henking discovered the X body and also named it as X body.